Steven R. McQueen in Chicago Fire   Christian Stolte in Chicago Fire   Drug addict makeup in Chicago Fire   The Grinch   Old Age and Gender Change Makeup  

Burn injuries on Chicago PD character Lexi Olinsky for crossover with Chicago Fire   Religious self-mortification whipping in Chicago Fire   Accident Victim in Chicago Fire   Goblin   Vampire from The Foundation   Ammonia chemical burns on Chicago Fire

Stevens Johnson Syndrom on Chicago Fire   Injury and Grime   Zombie   Tattoo Removal   Man Bear   Old Age Makeup

Fat Makeup from Little Devil   Broken Hope: Omen of Disease   Accident recovery makeup in Chicago Fire   Gunshot wound from Boneboys   Baldcap and fringe wig   Mangled hand from Phantom Blvd

Chief Carnivus from The Wizard of Stone Mountain   Shredded throat from Finale   Ceremonial Warpaint from American Experience: Tecumseh's Vision   A railroad spike injury for a Rooster Teeth sketch