Fake neck for surgery inserts on Chicago Fire   Fake Severide torso for surgery inserts on Chicago Fire   Fake neck for bullet removal inserts on Chicago Fire   Colin Hanks body from Untraceable   Latex mask for Halloween Horror Nights  

Severed head prop   Teeth for Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanimo Bay   Gangrene-infected legs for American Experience: The Greely Expedition   Gelatin head double for Finale   Animatronic hyenas built at The Character Shop   Silicone breasts created for Chicago Lyric Opera production of Elektra  

Midnight Meat Train dead bodies   Clamps created for Rooster Teeth Captain America spoof   Decaying body parts for NCIS episode Skeletons   Creature Suit for Masters of the Universe fan film   Replica sword from the video game Vindictus